Diabotical stress test

Exciting news for every AFPS player that loves and enjoys fast paced arena action. Diabotical has date set in stone for 24 hours stress test that will be available for all beta testers on 25th of July this year. If you weren’t part of the beta test of Diabotical before, you can go on official website www.diabotical.com and click on closed beta signed up on main page. At April most of the players had opportunity to play in closed beta, to test limited amount of content and core systems in far from finished state.

Thanks a lot to Raven for posting key points of 2GD stream in which he has described what awaits us in upcoming stress test and after. Lets jump right into the details:

VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/683736253

  • (00:00) The first 24 hour stress test is planned to happen next Saturday July 25, 2020, likely in the Evening in Europe (morning in North America, morning of the 26th in Australia)
  • (00:57) During the closed beta the shop and the battle pass won't be available, they will be available in the open beta
  • (02:35) There is a new crosshair editor with separate parts in each layer
  • (04:10) Most of the HUD is now rendered by the engine instead of Gameface in order to improve performance
  • (04:30) A MacGuffin map called Marina made by baxo and arted by promEUs is shown
  • (08:59) It will be possible unlock some cosmetics by completing achievements
  • (10:53) In Brawl FFA you now only get the weapon that you were fragged by, if you are one of the bottom half of the scoreboard (bottom 4 players if there are 8 players)
  • (13:08) The weapon respawn times in Team Deathmatch are 25 seconds
  • (15:38) It's likely that some of the sounds that will be heard during the closed beta and even in the open beta may change as better sounds are introduced (James fires the Shotgun which has a new firing sound)
  • (18:57) Mojo will be working as Diabotical's esports manager, there is now a Twitter account specifically about Diabotical Esports: https://twitter.com/DBTesports and a Discord server: https://discord.io/DBTesports
  • (21:47) There will be official tournaments in September in Europe and North America and organizers in other regions will be able to apply in the Diabotical website in the future in order to potentially receive official support
  • (22:25) There will be a Twitch drops campaign in the open beta involving in-game avatars that are submitted by any Twitch streamers, it will be possible to submit these images in the future when instructions are provided (they will have to be 256x256png, can't be pictures, or material that you don't own the copyright of, has to be stylized, there can be an exclusive avatar for the streamer and a different one that stream viewers can win)
  • (26:06) Two duel maps are shown, a map by Abraxxas arted by BubkeZ and a map by Napalm3d arted by Mangley
  • (30:10) The Dodge has changed, it now goes on cooldown when you take damage, only launches you towards the direction that you are facing/forward, and there is no longer a firing cooldown after pressing Dodge.

publicated: 20.05.2022