Factory Diabotical Invitational results

The competition took place in the Colizeum ParkPobedi cyber arena, which comfortably accommodated all 29 players. The number of participants was intentionally limited to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19. It should be noted that everyone at the entrance were checked for the temperature, and given masks, as well as a hand sanitizer. All players had to be calibrated in-game (Duel 1vs1, Wipeout and MacGuffin) to confirm their participation.

The first game day - 3rd of October

The first game day was completely devoted to duels. The players fight for a prize fund of 237,000 rubles. The main contenders for victory were Agent, dazatorr, 102pavel, DancheZzor and Strngst.

  • Brackets: Double Elimination (tournament system with elimination after two defeats);
  • All matches, with the exception of the grand final, were played in bo3 format (up to two wins);
  • The grand final was held in bo5 format (up to three wins, the winner of the upper bracket had an one map advantage);
  • Maps: Perilous, Kasbah, Skybreak, Frontier и Bioplant;
  • List of participants: 102pavel, AGENTJKEZOOR, ARSENY, AVBSPB, Bleedzovskiy, СherryPaff, DancheZzor, dazatorr, desh x, Djem-So, DMTV.CHERRA, E-I-S, Fancje, FINCH_999, 421, iddqd_spb, inzinzinz, k0MnoT, m19cas, nuxnox, omen_sp, p5ych0, peeeckaaa, real-, rimgal_, RoumanianCham, SMaLLiK_, strngst, TROOLZY.


The absolute favorite was Agent, who at the time of the tournament was in the first place in the world rating, and also has already won several online tournaments. His student, friend, and also another representative of Kaluga - dazatorr, also stood out from the rest due to his game and high rank. 102pavel was one of the most experienced participants in the tournament. His Quake Live esports background, as well as his participation in the largest world championships, automatically made him one of the contenders for victory. DancheZzor is one of the youngest, but talented players in Russia, which has already taken high places in the world ranking since the release of the game. Strngst is another old school Quaker who has been playing Diabotical since the early days of the beta.

As expected, these players became the main protagonists in the dueling competition. The Kaluga player Agent turned out to be a cut above everyone else, who confidently walked through the upper bracket and defeated Dazatorr in the final with a score of 3:0. DancheZzor took third place not without difficulty, but deservedly so. During the tournament, he beat such serious opponents as 102pavel and Strngst more than once. Danchez's insurmountable opponent was dazatorr, who knocked him out of the tournament in the lower bracket final. The famous player Pavel from team 102, despite the fourth place, still did not leave the club without a cash prize.


Distribution of the prize fund in the duel tournament:

1st place: Agent – 71 300 rubles + branded cap Factory;

2nd place: dazatorr – 47 500 rubles + branded cap Factory;

3rd place: DancheZzor – 35 600 rubles + branded cap Factory;

4th place: 102pavel – 28 500 rubles;

5/6th place: cherepoffs / Strngst – 19 000 rubles;

7/8 place: inz / CH3RRA – 8 300 rubles.

The second game day — 4th of October

The team tournament (Wipeout and MacGuffin modes) took place on the second game day. The total prize pool was 155,000 rubles. It was decided to choose Draft as the format of the competition, so the teams were formed immediately before the start of the tournament. The highest ranked players were chosen as captains. The player selection process looked like this:

  • The highest rated captain bans the player for the lowest rated captain;
  • The lowest-rated captain selects one of the unbanned players and bans the player for the next higher-rated captain;
  • The following captains do the same;
  • After the captains with the highest or lowest rating, the selection order is reversed;
  • The higher ranked captain chose the first mode and map;
  • The captain of the losing team chose the next map in a different mode.


That’s how 8 teams of 4 players each were formed. The compositions of the fours turned out to be ambiguous. For example, not all teams with stellar rosters managed to reach the top places.

  • Carrying out system: group stage and playoffs;
  • The group stage was held in a round robin system;
  • All group stage matches were played in bo2 format (two maps). The top 2 of each group made it to the playoffs;
  • All playoff matches were bo5;
  • Maps: Furnace, Marina, Wellspring, Sunken, Refinery.


For example, the team that included the winner of the duel tournament Agent, was one of the weakest fours in the tournament and lost at the group stage, finishing fourth in Group A. The same story happened with the Dazatorr team, which also finished 4th place, but in group B. These results once again prove that the duel and team modes of Diabotical and other arena-shooters are completely different things.

The winner was the team CherryPaff, which lost only one map in the group stage in the entire tournament. Has confidently taken first place in the group, team CherryPaff continued their march into the playoffs and won two matches in a row. In the grand final match, team Pavel lost 3:0. It should be noted that quite experienced TDM and CTF players played in the team CherryPaff.


Distribution of the prize pool in the team tournament:

1st place: team CherryPaff (CherryPaff, Troolzy, Fancje and 421) – 63 300 rubles + + branded cap Factory;

2nd place: team Pavel (Pavel, Strongest, noan and napalot) – 44 500 rubles;

3rd place: team Alostraz (Alostraz, ARSENY, SMaLLiK and aku) – 31 600 rubles;

4th place: team Pecka (pecka, om3n, p5ych0 and k0MnoT) – 15 800 rubles.

The most interesting games were broadcasted in Russian (DeathmatchTV) and English (TimconLAN) languages. Loxotron and elder_ru commentators worked for the Russian-speaking viewers. The first game day was the most popular among the spectators. In total, both broadcasts received 18,000 views, of which 11,000 were on the Russian-language stream. During peak hours, nearly 1,300 spectators watched the duel games. On the second game day, the total number of views was 11,500, of which 7,500 were viewed on the Russian-language broadcast. During peak hours, just over 500 spectators watched the team games.

This is how the Factory Esports Diabotical Invitational turned out. The organizers, participants and spectators were satisfied with the tournament. This is not the last event from the Factory Esports organization. Follow the news on our website.


publicated: 20.05.2022